A downloadable Parkour Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Are you a TRUE parkour champion?



Play through 15 AWESOME LEVELS where all you do is parkour!


Known bugs:

Sometimes the cursor in the menu doesn't appear after you press ESC, requiring the player to ALT + F4

Install instructions

Extract with WinRAR before playing.


parkour champion.rar 38 MB


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Loved this game, though......I CANNOT APPARENTLY JUMP OVER FIRE WELL hahaha! made a video of it =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCqs3sytBsE&feature=youtu.be hope to see m,ore from it and following ya =D hope to play more of your games!!!

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Hey there!

Thanks sooo much for playing! This is actually my first PC game and my second game ever! Glad you loved it! I'm also currently working on a second game =D Also I am thinking of an update with bugfixes (like the one with the mouse in the menu) and textures on bricks but that's for later.


Sweet! Send me a message whenever you have something done or New up or anything. Will gladly make another vid on it :) I may suck at parlour but that makes it fun hahaha

Hey there! I noticed your Youtube Account is closed.

What happened?